I can honestly say it’s the only red light experience I’ve ever really enjoyed.

I’ve never forgotten that buzz of being on air… the interaction, the creative possibilities, THE LISTENERS and the enjoyment of doing a live show. It’s no secret, I bloody hate voicetracking, so I tend not to do it. Controversial.

Radio has evolved, it’s grown in popularity, some might say it’s been strangled of variety. My own take is that with so much automated music choice out there, great content and personality is what wins through every time….that is, CLEVER content and MEASURED personality between the songs…keeping the audience wanting a little bit more.

Shutting your trap and pressing NEXT as some liners mix into songs isn’t creative, it’s a bit dull and might get you an audience, but having the spike and icing on the rajar cake is surely better isn’t it, because your audience are happier with what you give them?

Don’t be like some cheap aftershave and spray yourself everywhere though – give the audience a little whiff…(yes, I did snigger reading it back too…).  Oh and don’t accidentally introduce or back-anno Little Mix like that by mistake…!

What I mean is just a flavour of the real you…real life…things that interest your audience… that get them thinking ‘what can I do or say about that…?’ Compelling content.

I’ve never really tried to get back on air full time – to be honest, I miss it a lot, I really do – but have no plans to start hammering on doors – it’d be a 50 year old’s version of knock and run and I’d probably fall on my arse…

Like a jobbing actor, I found myself sending airchecks and feeling great when I eventually landed a 6 month (quite common), 1 year (great) or 2 year (rare as rocking horse sh*t) Presenter contract.

That’s living on the edge stuff now…I’m a bit older, fatter (I call it portly…) and want some stability. Having said that, ‘jobs for life’ are fiction now too… but the buzz of radio never ever leaves you.

I realised in the early 2000’s that I had to evolve in order to survive – learn other skills, after all, presenting isn’t a vocation you do full time forever is it(?), unless you’re one of the handful of lucky buggers that need daily wrinkle cream now.

In the coming decades, that buzz will be replaced by the one from my Stannah chairlift…(other brands are available) but I feel so lucky that I’ve contributed (and still can…) to making someones day that little bit brighter.

Cans on…fader up…you’re on!

My Aircheck is here